Practice Areas

At Farthing Legal LLC we educate our clients on how the law affects them personally and professionally.  
Estate Planning


Planning for the future can never be done too early or too late in life.  By making your wishes known in a legal format and appointing representatives that will carry out those wishes, a lot of confusion and chaos can be eliminated in difficult times.  Proper legal documents can prevent conflict and misunderstanding. 



Trust Administration


Time after time, individuals and couples set up trusts that they not only can't read, but don't understand.  Trusts can be a valuable estate planning tool but must be drafted, funded and administered to maximize benefits.  Farthing Legal LLC has experience amending and drafting Trust documents to tailor them to your individual needs.  




Death of a loved one is traumatic.  Farthing Legal will walk beside you to navigate the probate process.  We will provide the communication and explanation needed throughout the estate administration process. Our expertise will reduce your frustration and provide for smooth closure of the estate.      


Business Law


From helping startup entrepreneurs choose and implement a proper corporate structure to aiding long-standing business owners in restructuring, selling, transferring or gifting, Farthing Legal LLC walks beside business owners to create and maintain a structure that maximizes efficiency and minimizes liability.  


General Counsel


Small and medium size medium-size businesses have the same legal needs and questions as Fortune 500 companies.  Unfortunately, small businesses do not have the resources to hire full time legal counsel.  Farthing Legal LLC has experience serving as legal counsel and formulating economic and efficient solutions for all business needs. We welcome your questions.  

Civil Litigation

Life happens. Finding competent and experienced legal counsel that understands the next step is important.  Whether you think you need to file a lawsuit or have been sued, Farthing legal can help.